MGA Contract Opportunity For Agents

For Agents & Producers: Once in a Lifetime MGA CONTRACT Offering!

MGA Contract
Fred Chapman

My name is Fred Chapman. Two events happened recently capping my long search for a great dental plan:                          

1) I recently found the Best Dental Insurance Plan in the USA Marketplace!

2) I contracted with them as an independent MGA/National Recruiter – Which Benefits You!

 As a National Recruiter, I can offer you an MGA Contract, giving you an incredibly lucrative opportunity! The program includes great earnings potential, the superior quality product line with many competitive advantages, and with the largest marketplace available because everyone needs thisTo get the word out quickly on the Bright Idea Dental Insurance program, I’m offering you the best contract package available! You can offer the very best program to all clients and prospects in 98% of the country!

 Read On!

  • Your 1st year commissions will be 22.5% and your lifetime renewals1 are paid at the same 22.5% level!
  • You are eligible for bonuses up to $500 per month paid directly to you by the insurance company!
  • You get a 4 month advance commission based on your personal new business. You and your agents will be paid directly by the insurance company.
  • This top commission and lifetime renewals, coupled with four (4) commission levels below your contract level also gives you the opportunity for override income!
  • There are no production requirements on your personal or your agents’ sales, or recruiting of agents. If you don’t want to recruit agents – just concentrate on sales. If you do recruit agents, you determine the agent commission and renewal levels
  • Overrides are paid for as long as the business remains on the books! All commissions and renewals are paid quickly and the company offers great agent and client support. All incoming agents are required to get a Texas non-resident health license++ before you can sell these products or recruit agents.
  • There are no insurance company appointment fees.  There is no better overall earning package for dental in the country!  

CONTRACT NOW!                                 

Commission Code/Password: “LEADER” in ‘AGENT SIGN UP Located on Homepage


    1. $5000 per person annual max available! 333% to 500% higher than typical plans.
    2. All Plans cover IMPLANTS!
    3. Guaranteed Issue.
    4. No Age Restrictions!
    5. The client can choose any dentist or use our 600,000 + network for extra savings!
    6. Preventative Care is covered at 100%: not subject to any annual max!
    7. Basic is covered at 80%.
    8. Both Preventative and Basic are covered immediately on the Effective Date!
    9. Major Services is covered at 50% with a 12-month waiting period.
    10. The Waiting period for Major Services can be waived with proof of prior coverage!
    11. Options to meet all budgets! Plans are Competitively Priced! Sell in 49 States! (Not MN). Use in every state!
    12. Sell to Individuals, Families, Couples, Small and Large Businesses! One national easy pricing structure is based on 4 Applicant categories (individuals, couples, single parent with children, and families) and the choice of one of 3 Annual Max per person
    13. Dental Rewards Program: Huge Savings in 300,000 + ways!
    14. All Agents get a user-friendly, co-branded website to enroll clients and contract agents.

                   “So what can I really earn with this Bright Idea Dental product line?”                       

Commission/Renewals/Bonus Earning Potential for the First 3 Years of Production*:                            

After First 12 Months of Production:

$70*/Monthly Premium Average Sale*:  $70 x 165 apps** x 12 mos. x 22.5% =

  • $31,185 Commissions + $5,500 Bonuses**  = $36,685      

After Second 12 Months of Production Plus Renewals ***:

  • $31,185 Commissions + $5,500 Bonuses      = $36,685                                                                                                                                                                   

                                            +   1st Year Renewals           + $31,685    =   $67,870       

After Third  12 Months of Production Plus Renewals :                                                  

  • $31,185 Commissions + $5,500  Bonuses  =     $36,685                                           

+ Year 1 Renewals + Year 2 Renewals         + $62,370     =              $99,055  

As long as the biz stays on the books and the premiums are paid!!

The above numbers don’t Include any override income from your agents.  

For example: 1 agent doing  the above production levels at the lowest override spread of 2.5% (Remember you will have 4 Levels below Your 22.5% offering, providing a max of up to a 10% override spread);  = $3465 in Overrides after 1st Year, $6930 after 2nd year, and $10,395 after 3 years.  Overrides are paid as long as biz remains on the books.      

 CONTRACT NOW!                                 

Commission Code/Password: “LEADER” in ‘AGENT SIGN UP Located on Homepage

      How Many Agents Do You Want to Recruit?!     How Many Policies Will You Sell? 

1As long as clients pay premiums. *Average Sale Based on Premium From 3 Available Plans: $5000/Annual Max/Person, $3000/Annual Max/Person, and $1500/Annual Max/Person. Categories Include: Single Member, Member and Spouse, Member and Children, and Family Plans . (see Brochure for all pricing) **Production based on 15 apps per month; with 11 months activity = 165 policies/yr.***Based on Bonuses currently in place now, subject to change. Calculations assume no cancellations to simplify concept. 

EVERYONE NEEDS THIS SUPERIOR DENTAL INSURANCE SOLUTION and You Should Have it for Them! Don’t let Someone Else Sell this Dental Plan to Your Clients! There is so much opportunity! Secure your financial future! Win Win!  Get Excited About Dental! I am!  Fred  Chapman            

CONTRACT NOW!                                 

Commission Code/Password: “LEADER” in ‘AGENT SIGN UP Located on Homepage 

++To get your Non Resident Texas license