Bright Idea Dental Plan For Agents

Do you currently sell Dental Insurance? If you do, then you’re about to be blown away by the opportunity presented by the Bright Idea Dental Plan. If you don’t currently sell Dental Insurance, you’re going to have your eyes opened by the incredibly lucrative potential of adding this product to your arsenal.

Here’s what those of us that have been selling insurance for a few years know as 3 indisputable truths: if you aren’t selling (1) a quality product with (2) good customer support that (3) pays you a decent commission then sooner or later one, two, or all three of them are going to come back to haunt you.

Let’s start at the prime motivating factor, whether you admit it or not: Compensation (3). Sure, you want to do the right thing for your clients; we understand and we’re with you four-square. But at the same time, you still need to put gas in your car so you can be doing the right thing for your clients.

The first-year commission on the Bright Idea Dental plan is 22.5%. Which is pretty good when you think about it. But it gets better. Much better. Every good agent worth their salt knows about and wants to have renewal commissions. The renewal commission on the Bright Idea Dental plan is THE SAME as the first-year commission, for as long as the plan stays on the books. Let that sink in while you do the math.

Actually, let’s do the math for you. Let’s assume that you’ve just sold a plan for $50/month (very modest, we know. You’ll do better) which is $600/year. That’s $135 you just earned. Every year. For one sale. That took you 30 minutes. Can you sell 5 of those a week? That’s a quick $675 extra that you just put into your pocket for the week. For 2 ½ hours of your time.

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Keep going. Let’s say you write only 15 of these very modest policies each month. That’s $2,025 each month. Times 12 months is $24,300. But that was for THIS year. Wake up at this time NEXT year and you know you’ve got $24K coming your way again, but without the work. Add another 15 policies/month next year and the year after that, and….well, now it’s your turn to do the math.

Oh, and one other thing: you’ll be able to have your clients enroll online if you like. You’ll have the option of having your own website designed specifically for you and your enrollees. We can’t make it much easier for you to be successful.

OK, so #3 is taken care of. Let’s go back to #1, the quality product. Check out the other page on this website that describes the Dental Plan. Up to $5000 annual max. 100% preventive care. Covers implants. IMPLANTS. Nobody covers implants, but Bright Idea does. Optional vision (same comp, btw). Consumer Rewards. Choice of dentists or clients can use the huge network available. Did we mention Consumer Rewards? You HAVE to check that out; the Rewards themselves will probably close half your business.

Once you learn the plan, this may be the easiest sale you’ll ever make.

And finally, we’ll discuss the all-important Customer Support: we can tell you anything here, but the only way we can prove it is to have you become part of the team. We think they’re very responsive and we’re confident that you will as well. But you’ll need to contract with us to find out for sure.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

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